Eileen Meyer

About me

My roots are in beautiful Lower Franconia, which you can still perceive today, after about thirty years of experience abroad, as I am often told in a very charming way. Studying art history, archeology and Romance studies soon connected me to Italy in my heart. A scholarship from the DAAD immediately opened the doors to this country for me. In order to fulfill my childhood dreams of becoming an architect and artist, I soon decided to study architecture in Venice. A world of innumerable cultural influences had very quickly awakened the dormant creativity in me, so that this dream city was given a very special place in my soul.

Since 2006 I am working as a freelance architect at Lake Garda and help people to realise their dream of owning a holiday home in Italy. Very early my path has led me to spread the knowledge I acquired in Germany about energy-saving houses and new building technologies in Italy. From Klimahaus to Passivhaus to AktivPlus and ActiveHouse, I put my heart and soul into my mission to diffuse their protocols.

The emergence of my vision

UNTIL one day I experienced a dream holistic centre in Southeast Asia and gained a new perspective on living spaces. More and more I had begun to explore the meaning of “holistic” until it penetrated all areas of my life and filled me with new knowledge about the relationship between human – soul – nature and the many forms of habitat. The consciousness that there is energy in all matter, which resonates with our behaviour and our health, has led me to a new way of looking at architecture.

So today I am increasingly passionate about the realisation of living spaces that enable people to be in harmonious vibration with themselves and their surroundings by reinterpreting the quality of the space in which they move from a physical and energetic point of view.  I love connecting people and taking them to a new dimension. in terms of their sense of quality of life and architecture

My love for travelling and the contact with constantly new cultures, allow me to expand more and more my awareness of the holistic connections of being and to discover the beauty of this planet.
Holistic living oases of cultural exchange are my heart themes today. Painting, dancing, hiking, yoga and meditation are my soul language.

Eileen Meyer

architect, designer, holistic trainer, visionary, opinion maker

“Eileen keeps on looking for new building solutions that satisfies the sustainability part of constructions and a social approach of urban planning” AHA Jury ‘17

Part of Peer Review Committee for the Science Track for UIA World Congress “Sustainable Futures – leave no one behind” of the UIA World Congress, Copenhagen, 2023

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My Project Workbook

Interview: Eileen Meyer Architect

Luca Curci talks with Eileen Meyer Architect during VISIONS,
third appointment of the ANIMA MUNDI 2022, at Palazzo Bembo – Venice Grand Canal

William Shakespeare

“I nourish the universe and the universe nourishes me.
As I love and adore myself, my relationships blossom.”