Eileen Meyer

Eileen Meyer

architect, designer, holistic trainer, visionary, opinion maker

“Eileen keeps on looking for new building solutions that satisfies the sustainability part of constructions and a social approach of urban planning” AHA Jury ‘17

…So today I am increasingly passionate about the realisation of living spaces that enable people to be in harmonious vibration with themselves and their surroundings by reinterpreting the quality of the space in which they move from a physical and energetic point of view. I love connecting people and taking them to a new dimension. in terms of their sense of quality of life and architecture…


The word “holistic” is derived from “holos”, which in Greek stands for the concept of “togetherness”. A holistic approach aspires to an optimal result with regard to a holistic view in order to achieve healthy growth of all participants in a system. Architecture also requires a holistic approach to understand the complexity of our being. Architecture addresses not only the body, but also the mind and the soul…


In oneness with nature lies the health of the human being.

In oneness with nature lies the health of the human being.
In the separation from his inner nature lie many causes of problems of our time. The more spaces are created in which in which the individual, the sense of community and nature are allowed to heal again, the healthier our planet will become.
planet will become healthy again.

The holistic living and regeneration spaces
CoCoN are characterised by 2 aspects:


the spaces evolve into spaces of development, which allows the builders, the operators, the guests and the investors a heathy growth


the rooms come together. Together they are created from essential building materials. If desired, the CoCoN planning team designs and supervises the creation and execution and also trains other architects to learn the CoCoN philosophy and technology.


For investors, builders, representatives of holistic disciplines, lovers of sustainable design and growth-oriented people.

You want to invest your money in a project that makes sense?

Are you interested in sustainable building?

Do you like the secure feeling of receiving a fine financial return from a socially meaningful project?

Are you looking forward to the networking that we also provide at CoCoN?

You are a representative of holistic disciplines and would like to fulfill your dream of having your own retreat house in an idyllic landscape where others go on holiday?

You are not attached to competition and simple profit thinking, but see in my subject a contribution to the development of the model of society and want to promote it with enthusiasm?

You want to dive into the depth of human relationships, find a harmonious life and recognise the possibility of self-discovery in our centres?

We have to be more than architects in the classical sense. We have to look at the big picture and the future to find ways in which different functions can complement each other instead of hindering each other

Z. Tetere-Sulce

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