What is holistic architecture?

The word “holistic” is derived from “holos”, which in Greek stands for the concept of “togetherness”. A holistic approach aspires to an optimal result with regard to a holistic view in order to achieve healthy growth of all participants in a system.

Architecture also requires a holistic approach to understand the complexity of our being. Architecture addresses not only the body, but also the mind and the soul.
In architecture, spirituality is the oldest element. Vastu, which we know from Ayurveda and the world of yoga teachings, is the oldest holistic concept of architecture. Comparable to the holistic approach of Feng Shui, it is about directing energy flows. The Celts and other cultures cultures had always chosen places with large energy sources for their places of worship.

The knowledge that every material contains energy that resonates with its environment influences both, the choice of forms and the choice of materials, which in turn are subject to the evaluation of a holistic process of creation and utilisation.

Beyond its artistic function, holistic architecture takes into its consideration the energy of the space, the energetic exchange with the environment, but also the current social and ecological requirements.Spaces can heal, but they can also make us ill. They can support us in our natural being and generate well-being. 

Spaces are places of interaction, there are physical and non-physical places. We can reinterpret them from a physical and energetic point of view by developing a new awareness of the space and ourselves. Living comfort, healthy indoor climate and healthy building materials are important to regenerate body, mind and soul.
Holistic architecture strives for a healthy dialogue of the inhabitant with himself and his environment and tries to include all energetic systems.

Today we are facing a great transformation that demands a new interpretation of spaces. Today we need places for a new consciousness and a healthy dialogue with oneself and nature. We need a new awareness for life.

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